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  • Fire and Property Loss insurance investigations
  • Auto and Boat Accident investigations for insurance companies
  • Commercial and residential property loss claim investigations
  • Collision and pedestrian accident insurance claim investigations and adjustments.
  • Insurance claims for property loss in flood and natural disaster investigations and adjustments.

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Equity Adjustment Company

Providing Insurance Companies with Experienced Claim Investigations for Over 40 Years

Owned by Kevin Reilly, Equity Adjustment Company is based out of the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Founded in 1966, Equity Adjustment Company serves as an independent claims investigator, using their years of experience to help insurance companies evaluate the circumstances surrounding claims and determine fair and equitable settlements.

Based out of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Equity Adjustment serves the greater Minnesota area as well as western Wisconsin, investigating auto and marine accidents, professional and product liabilities, commercial and residential property losses, worker's compensation, background and neighborhood checks, and more. We offer immediate insured and claimant contact, quality investigations, 10-14 day reporting, a fair itemized bill, and first call settlements wherever possible.Contact Equity Adjustment Company

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